In House Financing CarZone

What is Buy Here Pay Here?

In the automobile industry in house financing is commonly referred to as a Buy Here Pay Here program. Instead of having a bank or credit union extending credit to automobile purchasers like yourself CarZone steps up and finances your car purchase right out of our own pocket. This program is typically reserved for people with not so good credit looking to improve their credit score.

Reason #1      You Can Drive Home Today

The good news is we specialize in helping people get financed and start building credit. Traditional credit unions or finance companies may not qualify you for a loan. You can be denied based on your credit history, low credit score, irregular income, job stability, and so on. If a bank sees the likelihood that at some point you may not be able to repay your loan, you might be denied. But since CarZone is financing your purchase the chances of you getting approved are very good.

Reason #2      No Good Credit Required

If you have poor credit, and you need a car to get around, you’re going to have to consider alternative loan options. In house financing can be the solution you’ve been looking for. We understand your situation! And we’re willing to work with you! Even with less than stellar credit we’ll work hard to get you in the vehicle you want.

Reason #3      One Stop Shopping

You can get everything done right here. Not only will you be buying a vehicle from us, but you’ll be making your payments right here. When you finance with CarZone you’ll have the ability to purchase and setup manageable payments all at the same place. You’ll work closely with one of our finance managers to make sure your monthly payment is something to fit within your budget. 


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